Redwood Markets Announces Launch of The Redwood Marketplace for LNG
HOUSTON, April 3, 2018 – Redwood Markets Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its online trading platform for liquefied natural gas (LNG). Known as “The Redwood Marketplace”, the online platform will enable buyers and sellers of physical LNG to negotiate price and confirm commercial terms while offering price discovery to the global community of LNG stakeholders.

The Redwood Marketplace is designed to encourage the evolution of the physical LNG market while accommodating each stage of its growth. Buyers and sellers are able to access the platform and construct highly customized and complex LNG transactions and transact in a trading format that best fits their specific needs. The platform offers a completely automated two-step transaction process that allows for all transactions to be refined to include the highly-specific quality, shipping, credit and contract terms required to finalize an LNG trade. The Redwood Marketplace is available for all global LNG supply and destination regions, and can be utilized for contracting spot, short, medium and long-term transactions.

Ajay Batra, CEO and Co-Founder of Redwood Markets, said that “The Redwood Marketplace is the result of extensive consultations with market participants from all sides of the physical LNG industry. We developed the platform so that it meets the needs of buyers, sellers, portfolio players and even third-party product and service providers. We introduced multiple trading formats that allow the user to customize not only the terms of their transaction, but also decide the level of competitive distribution of their requirement and its transparency. In this sense the platform is a collaborative tool that allows market participants to configure an online trade in a way that is best for them, while gradually adding the cornerstones of standardization and price discovery that make commodity markets grow.”

The Redwood Marketplace is now live and operational. Interested subscribers should contact Redwood Markets at the email address below to obtain the Subscriber Agreement and gain access to the platform.


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