Redwood Markets Inc. Secures Funding to Establish Online Marketplace for Global Liquefied Natural Gas
HOUSTON, October 19, 2017 – Redwood Markets Inc. is pleased to announce an agreement with Northmark Ventures Inc. of Vancouver, Canada, to provide the funding for the establishment of its online trading platform for liquefied natural gas (LNG).  Known as “The Redwood Marketplace”, the online platform will enable buyers and sellers of physical LNG to negotiate price and confirm commercial terms while offering price discovery to the global community of LNG stakeholders.

The Redwood Marketplace is designed to provide global LNG market participants with a neutral, independent forum to drive innovation and liquidity, offering multiple trading formats and specialized products to encourage the evolution of the market from dark, bilateral, non-standardized markets to highly-transparent, standardized, efficient and liquid markets.

Ajay Batra, CEO and Co-Founder of Redwood Markets, said that “Our platform is specifically designed to address the current impediments to LNG trading. We have taken a holistic approach to address the current physical LNG market challenges and strongly believe that our marketplace will help expedite the evolution of the LNG market.  Our neutral, central trading venue will position market participants to trade more efficiently and optimize their portfolios while effectively managing their credit, market and cash-flow risks. We strongly believe that the LNG market needs the solutions we are offering to reach the next stage of market liquidity.”

Bernd Petak, Investment Partner for Northmark Ventures said, “We are extremely pleased to support Redwood Markets in the modernization of the liquefied natural gas markets. This important energy product lacks many of the market benefits long available to other commodities. Redwood’s experienced team of senior market-savvy professionals is changing the face of LNG for the benefit of producers, traders, transporters and customers and Northmark Ventures is proud to be a partner in that effort.”

The Redwood Marketplace will go live in the fourth quarter of 2017.


Redwood Markets
Dan Zastawny

Northmark Ventures
Bernd Petak

About Redwood Markets Inc.
Redwood Markets Inc. is the operator of The Redwood Marketplace, an online venue for trading physical liquefied natural gas and other commodities.  Redwood Markets specializes in the evolution of commodity markets by providing tools and distribution mechanisms for solutions that reduce the friction involved in negotiating and executing commodity transactions.  Through the systematic and planned reduction of trading impediments, Redwood Markets provides a forum where liquidity can be optimized, and thus increasing investment and opportunity for market participants.  Find out more about Redwood Markets at

About Northmark Ventures Inc.
Northmark Ventures is a Canadian-based high value-added venture firm investing in innovative technology-driven companies across North America. Northmark differentiates itself by providing portfolio companies access to its dedicated senior technical team at the critical early stage of product development. Northmark seeks relationships with founders solving difficult technical and business problems in complex areas including financial and money-handling, commodities trading, embedded hardware and crypto-technology. See more at

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