O N L I N E  T R A D I N G

Multi-Tiered Platform
The Redwood Markets online marketplace is designed to provide the seamless migration between bilateral request-for-quote markets, structured auction markets and a real-time continuous bid-ask market. The interplay between the market tiers allows traders to not only find the best fit for their purchase or sale requirement, but also to alter market formats to optimize execution for specific deal types.  
Standard and Custom Markets
The Redwood model for market design provides for the standardization of many key trading parameters to maximize the reach to potential buyers and sellers. Standard markets provide the highest probability of matching a transaction at the market price. Custom markets offer market participants the ability to structure a complex transaction and place it into the market for active bid-ask, as an electronic confirmation, or as a request-for-quote to simulate a sealed-bid tender.
A matched transaction on any tier of the Redwood Marketplace initiates the online confirmation process. To address the unique needs of the physical liquefied natural gas (LNG) market, buyers and sellers are introduced with a standard online confirmation. The confirmation process involves collaboration between the buyer and seller to negotiate commercial terms and contract provisions, but also enables the distribution of contract standards that may be applied to transactions by default. These contract standards are intended to allow market participants to build standardization into their market through an iterative process, leading to increased efficiency in closing bilateral transactions.
Please request a sign-up package from us at info@redwoodmarkets.com and we will send you the User Agreement, Rulebook and Service and Pricing Schedule to review. Once executed, credentials will be created that will allow users from your firm to login to the Redwood Marketplace with “view-only” or “trader” rights. You can choose which users in your firm have trading rights, and which other subscriber companies you are willing to buy from or sell to.