Introducing the Redwood Marketplace
Built for Trading
Continuously-Traded Real-Time Markets
Online Markets are Available on a Continuously-Traded Basis and in Real-Time, No Waiting for a Trading “Event”
No Regional, Tenor or Term Limitations
You Control How You Create Your Markets, There is No Restriction on How You Define a Region or Any Terms of Trade
Order and Transaction Anonymity
Trade Only With Counterparties You Pre-Approve from Anonymous Bids and Offers, Your Identity is Only Disclosed to Your Ultimate Counterparty
No Predetermined Contract Standards
Each Market can be Designed to Custom Specifications, and Each Confirmation Negotiation Can be Finalized on Unique Terms Agreed To By the Buyer and Seller
Get Creative
Incubate New Ideas, Including New Trading and Pricing Structures with Custom Market Options that Gain Instant Visibility and Distribution
Redwood Marketplace Transaction Process
  • Design your own markets for trade, including your specific terms and conditions
  • Create markets that are flexible for a generic region, or lock down specific delivery requirements
  • You control how negotiable or how fixed the terms are for your market
  • You control the transparency and distribution of your market, from fully transparent to private
  • No limitations on region, pricing structure, term or tenor
  • Negotiate price using multiple formats, from fully transparent bid-ask markets to private requests for-quote
  • Utilize order and trade anonymity on the transparent markets, only your ultimate counterparty will ever know the names on the trade
  • Our counterparty permissions algorithm will only allow you to trade with parties you have chosen to enable in advance, you decide whether you will buy from them or sell to them before you are matched
  • Refine the complex logistics, credit, legal and other terms using our two-step execution process
  • Buyer and seller are introduced using a collaborative online confirmation form and are enabled to propose refinements to the transaction where negotiation is authorized in the market structure
  • The Amend and Send process allows for the refinement of transaction terms and negotiation of any differential pricing that may come from alternative transaction structures proposed and agreed to by the parties in private
  • Once a transaction has been matched and the complex terms refined, the transaction can be finalized by the buyer and the seller
  • Finalized transactions result in a standard-form confirmation outlining all of the terms agreed to
  • Confirmations are held in a secure online trade repository that can only be accessed by the buyer and seller
  • The history of the confirmation and refinement is maintained in an online data storage that enables the buyer and seller to replay all the events that lead to the finalized trade
Choose a Trading Format to Suit Your Requirement
Bid-Ask Market
Most Buyers/Sellers | High Transparency
  • Create a contract specification for real-time, continuous, open-access, and transparent trade
  • Define a market for standard trading using a format that allows for open bids-to-buy or offers-to-sell
  • You choose how broad or narrow to define the market specification
Some Buyers/Sellers | Moderate Transparency
  • Create a custom, one-to-many transparent market
  • Take tenders to the next-level by adding competitive bidding for a highly detailed supply or demand requirement
  • Structure a basic auction or customize a unique process designed for your needs by adding complexity for auction rounds and timing
Request-for-Quote (RFQ)
Few Buyers/Sellers | Litte Transparency
  • Create a private market and send it to specific counterparties
  • Simulate a sealed-bid tender by sending an online request-for-quote to targeted counterparties requesting a bid or offer
  • Negotiate privately with each potential counterparty while maintaining a central record and audit trail of the process
Online Confirmation
Fewest Buyers/Sellers | Low Transparency
  • Create an online repository of on and off-screen transactions
  • Use the Confirmation to provide a central record of an off-screen transaction, allowing you and your counterparty to confirm the terms for independent reference
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